Home/Place is a new collection of work investigating the long history of Bodmin Moor, the Neolithic settlers and the monuments they left behind, the incredible natural granite formations and the more recent abandoned WWII airfield.

This is an experimental body of work, many are prototypes to be developed over the coming year, and are therefore priced as such. They are made largely of natural materials in my attempts to use what is provided by nature, with only the smallest synthetic addition of hot pink acrylic on one!

Whilst I’ve photographed the paper pieces in one orientation, the beauty of buying them unframed is that you can hang any way you choose! You may prefer it upside down, and these look equally dramatic hung in landscape orientation too.

All paper pieces are sold as unframed and will be sent in cardboard tubes, the large canvas and small framed pieces will be sent by parcel force and please contact me for a delivery quote for the super large ‘Sacred Landscapes’.

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