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'This Land' at Royal Cornwall Museum


Here are some common questions that I am asked about the process of buying artwork. Please contact me directly if you have a query that isn’t answered below.

I’m new to buying art – where do I start?

This is a great question and a lot of people feel intimidated about buying art in case they get it ‘wrong’, so first let me reassure you – there is no wrong! Art is a very personal preference and you should always buy what you enjoy, not what you think you ‘should’ enjoy.

Think about the place you want the art to hang – how much free space do you want around it?

Do you want a statement piece of art that dominates a wall or a room, or do you prefer groupings of smaller pieces ‘salon’ style?

What colours are you drawn to, what cheers you up or triggers a memory?

Do you like unframed work on chunky canvas or do you prefer something framed or behind glass?

What else do you have in the space that might complement the artwork? Things like vases, cushions, other paintings that have similar colours can really bring a room together and highlight aspects of the artwork.

What is your budget? Are you looking to buy the most expensive you can afford in a single purchase or might you want to build a collection over time?

Also never be afraid to buy art from an unknown artist! There can be some suggestion that unless an artist is ‘known’ their work is of no value but because art is so personal the value is what YOU get from it. There are so many amazingly talented artists making work that is superior to some of the commercially applauded art on offer, but they will never get the same level of recognition. By supporting such artists you are helping them to continue their work, their development, their teaching, their ability to inspire others, all of which has an incredible impact on society. These are the unsung heroes of the art world.

I’ve heard about Art Patrons and how they can support artists – how does it work?

Patrons can come in different forms, from regular collectors of an artists work to donating one-off or monthly amounts to help the costs of running a studio. There are a few ways you can become a Patron, the easiest of which is to set up a monthly donation to the artist. If you would like more information please contact me.

Do you deliver?

I can deliver artwork to addresses within a reasonable travel time from my studio in Cornwall but this is at my discretion and subject to availability. For UK delivery I use reputable couriers or Royal Mail (depending on item size). If you wish for an item to be sent outside of the UK, please contact me to arrange a quote ahead of making your purchase.

Can you hang the artwork for me?

I don’t offer a hanging service unless it has been agreed as part of a commission. Once the painting has been deemed to arrive safely it is then your responsibility to arrange how you wish to display it. I can make suggestions on hanging systems if required but please ensure that the method you choose is appropriate for your space (eg consider electrical wiring and plumbing behind walls).

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted ONLY if the item arrives damaged and is reported as such immediately (and within a limited time of the courier delivery notification). Photographs will be required and compared to images taken immediately prior to dispatch. If you are uncertain about a piece I strongly recommend you visit the studio or event to view prior to purchasing as returns for change of mind will not be accepted. If damage on arrival is not reported immediately it will be deemed to have arrived safely and is therefore a confirmed purchase and non-refundable.

How often do you send out emails? I don’t like receiving too many!

I agree, receiving too many emails is annoying and spammy! I hate this too so promise I won’t email you unless I have something interesting to share (usually I send out Studio Notes once a month).

Where can I see your artwork ‘in the flesh’?

I'm based in north Cornwall in the Bude area and will shortly be able to invite you to my studio. I attend a few select events through the year, please check the ‘Events’ tab for the most up to date information.