Natalie Day

Natural World Artist

Original Art, Contemporary Artist, Oxford

Botallack Series

Some of my largest and most ambitions pieces to date, including this 5.4m hexaptych!

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I am a Contemporary Natural World Artist.

I make semi-abstract paintings that are informed by my interest in the geology and history of a landscape, my respect for the natural world and the rewilding of disused industrial sites. The strength and power of the natural elements never fail to humble me, and this leads to a deepening exploration of my place in this world and creating my original art pieces.

Abstract Artist, Natalie Day, Oxford, Fine Art for Home and Office, Luxury Interior Design

Whether it’s the huge skies, wild weather, vast open spaces or stormy seas, there is a ruggedness and drama about the landscape that moves and inspires me to make abstract art that captures a moment in nature.

In my paintings I explore the expanse, the freedom and my desire for space, whether that’s using viewpoints on the cliffs looking out to the distant horizons on the sea or the rocky outcrops of the moors far in the distance.

Contemporary Artist, Natalie Day, Abstract Art Prints, Oxford

My art seeks to illustrate the emotional response of my visual experiences and my interpretation of natural landscapes.

Contemporary Artist | Natalie Day | Landscape Artist

Taking a familiar subject and abstracting it allows an insight into a detail or a feeling that has captured my imagination.

Abstract Artist, Natalie Day, Oxford, Fine Art for Home and Office, Luxury Interior Design

I invite the viewer to take a closer look, to go beyond the obvious, and seek out the details that surprise and delight!

Luxury Decoration, Abstract Artist, Natalie Day, Oxford, Fine Art for Home and Office

If you’re looking for some fine art for your home or office, or perhaps for your home staging or interior design project, and you see something that you like, please contact me using the contact form or you can purchase directly through the site.


You can now come and have a private view of work at my studio in Cornwall. Perfect for seeing the artwork up close to get a sense of size and true colour and select that perfect piece for your home.

By appointment only, please book using the tab in main menu.

For any enquiries about work or opportunities please visit the contact page.

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