Art that captures the ancient spirit of Cornwall

Recent Exhibition: 'This Land' Solo Show at Royal Cornwall Museum

April to June 2023

This is the story of an artists journey; returning to Cornwall, reconnecting, coming full circle.

Rich in mining and ritualistic history, these rural landscapes have been calling me to investigate and contemplate what is above and below ground, the human impact on nature, our place in this world. With this body of work I continue to explore the use of natural pigments and paints made from the earth - these are paintings about the land, made of the land.

Workshops and events alongside this exhibition bring the community together to discuss and create, echoing the ancient gatherings on Cornwall’s sacred landscapes.

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Newlyn School of Art Mentoring Programme 2022

Reimagining the Landscape

"Natalie’s work explores the nature of home. Having grown-up in Cornwall, it investigates her personal relationship with the county and the history of the land. Her process begins in the earth, routing in geology to fathom and forage natural pigments such as red clay and yellow ochre. Out of this communion with soil she builds reimaginings of the landscape, constructing and understanding her place within it. " 

Kate Reeve-Edwards, Cultural Capital Arts

Image: 'Power of Land' from the Home/Place Collection
Horizons Collection

A Natural World Artist

"Semi-abstract Natural World Artist Natalie Day's contemporary canvasses are inspired creations that offer depth, interest, character and beauty. Cornish bred Natalie draws her inspiration from the natural world around her and offers us rich landscapes to escape into. The perfect finishing touch to any interior, but especially for that of a nature lovers."

Lindi Reynolds, Lindi Reynolds Interior Design

Image: 'Blue out, blue in' from the Divisions Collection

    Commissions Considered

    If you’re looking for some fine art for your home or office, or perhaps for your home staging or interior design project, and you see something that you like, please contact me using the contact form or you can purchase directly through the site.

    Alternatively let's talk about a custom piece of art created just for you.

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