‘Squall II’


This (and its partner, Squall I) are perhaps the most minimal I’ve yet dared go! I rather enjoyed the simplicity of them, but it was also a huge exercise in self restraint to not keep working into them.
They came from a memory of my Day Skipper practical course and spending the whole week in wet weather gear and Force 6 to 8 winds. Honestly – some of the best sailing I’ve ever done. Being out on the water and watching the horizon rapidly disappearing as the squall approaches is quite a unique feeling…. like sailing in fog. All sense of distance, perspective, orientation – gone! Exhilarating but scary. One of those things that brings all your senses to the fore and tests how much of that theory you’ve learnt actually went in!

‘Squall II’ is part of a series started during the UK lockdown. This was a project to explore the contrasts between the hard, fragmented coastline and the wide, open moors of the Cornish landscape. A series of preliminary sketches inspired a collection of monoprints and larger paintings on canvas and wood panel.

‘Squall II’ is an original painting, acrylic on canvas.

The painting is 50.5cm x 40.5cm x 2cm (including frame 54.5 x 44.5 x 3.5cm) with off-white painted edges and tray frame and is supplied ready to hang.


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Original painting, acrylic on canvas.

Framed in a soft off-white painted tray frame. Supplied ready to hang.

Signed on the reverse with certificate of authenticity.

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