Fine Art by Natalie Day

Contemporary original art for your home or your office.

Discover my collection of original paintings, brighten up your walls, and support an independent artist!

If you’re looking to buy some fine art for your home or office, or are sourcing original artwork for a home staging or interior design project, please contact me using the contact form, or you can purchase directly through the site. 

Abstract landscape paintings of the natural world that seek to express the essence of my experiences in Cornwall. A memory of a place, an experience or moment that reveals itself in surprising ways and creates a sense of the unexpected.

Shipping costs are calculated for UK delivery, if you wish to have a piece sent outside of the UK please, contact me for a quote. Studio visits are available if you would like to see something before confirming your purchase.


You can Book a Studio Visit or contact me for further details.


Fine Art – Small originals

Contemporary Artist, Natalie Day, Oxford

Fine Art – Medium originals

Contemporary Artist, Natalie Day, Oxford

Fine Art – Large originals

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