So this has happened!

This week I picked up the keys to my first ever rented studio space and as you can see I’m rather excited by it!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a room at home to use as an art space until now, but as my work gets bigger and I want to explore more, the confines of a spare bedroom were becoming restrictive.

I’ve been half looking for a while, keeping an eye on what’s around as you do, but either haven’t found anything suitable for my budget or close enough geographically to be viable. Until now…

This premises popped up in my last search and the next day I was there viewing it.

Within a month I’m moving in!

Sometimes I take fast action like this, especially if I’ve been considering something for a while. Although it scares me, all the practical questions like how will I pay for it?  is it really necesary? and how much will I use it? are running round my head, even now, but what I keep coming back to is this:

If I want my art practice to grow, and my artistic self to develop, I need to have the physical and mental space to make that happen.

I’ve spent much of this year digging deep and figuring out what it is I really want to be doing, being and having. I nearly scaled back my art practice to focus on an employed role but during lockdown, having the time to take stock, I realised that there’s no way I could cut back on the thing that brings me the most joy – even if that meant losing a salaried position. It felt far too big a sacrifice, especially after all the hard work of the past few years getting myself back into making art after a 10 year creative block.

So rather than reduce my art time to something that would almost be pointless I made the terrfying decision that actually it was the other job that had to go, that it was asking too much of me and I’d only end up resenting it (and probably leaving anyway).

So that left the question what now?!

How do I replace that income and develop my art practice without turning it into something so pressured that it kills the creativity? Isn’t that the million dollar question for creatives?!

I can’t give you that answer yet as I’m still working on it (!) but I can say that I FULLY trust that this is the path I’m meant to be taking and the sudden presentation of the perfect space, at a reasonable rent and only a short drive away was a gift I couldn’t turn down.

So here I am, doing my ‘new studio happy dance’ and allowing ideas to percolate as I get myself organised.

If you love my work, or would like to support this venture just because you’re a fab person, you can buy me a ‘coffee’ via this link or the button below and help me cover the rent! All donations are received with huge gratitude 

© Natalie Day 2020

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