Today I’ve just submitted work for my second local show since I returned to painting after a 10 year break. I’m feeling such a mix of excitement, exhilaration, nerves, apprehension and contentment about this (see blog

Before dropping my work off, I went to a professional photographer to get high quality images taken of the paintings. This is something I’ve avoided in the past because (a) I’ve never really needed a professional grade digital image and (b) I’ve never quite been able to justify the cost of it to myself.

This time is very different though. If my reboot as an artist is going to work, I have to start treating it as a business. And my philosophy in my other business is that I do what I’m good at and I pay others to do what I’m not good at! So why am I perfectly comfortable adopting that attitude in my chiropractic biz yet not in my art biz?

Simple. In my mind, my art is still a hobby. An extra something that may or may not bring in a bit of money one day. It’s not a business.

But today that all changes.

Today I made the decision that if I want my art to provide me with a source of income I MUST invest in going about it the right way. And that includes professional photography of my images that will provide a reliable likeness on my online channels and enable me to offer high quality reproductions. Today I decided that my art IS a business and commands the same level of investment as my other business.

And that scares the bejeebers out of me because there are no guarantees that anyone will even WANT to buy my art…. so to invest with no certainty of return is certainly pushing my financial panic button!

However, I come back to the same argument – if I don’t have a strong online presence with accurate images of my art, I won’t get in front of my customers and be able to provide them with the service they want. So by NOT doing this I’m limiting my chances of creating a real business before I even start. Not clever!!!!

So here I am, on a Tuesday afternoon in a warm cafe in sunny Oxfordshire, the printing is in progress, I have a framer on standby and the originals have been dropped off. I’m actually feeling like a professional artist because I’ve made myself BEHAVE like one. And that’s so exciting, and what’s more, it FEELS so absolutely and wholly RIGHT ♥ I love it!

© Natalie Day 2018

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