Today I’ve dropped off my submission for my second art show after my 10 year break. I meant to write a blog after the first show but I faffed about, waited too long and then the moment had passed. Today I feel so many emotions swirling around that I had to capture them in writing.

First and foremost I feel excited. I’m creating art again and I’ve got an opportunity to get my work hung and seen. My first show back in October was as part of a local art group and the standard was exceptionally high. I felt a little intimidated if I’m completely honest, with a large proportion of the exhibitors being professionals and well known locally, and then me…. novice, first showing in public in over 10 years and somewhat out of practice with the whole scene.

This one feels different though. This time I’m joining a members’ show in a local gallery. There is a theme and the whole show will have a very collective feel about it as a result. Yes, I’m still nervous as to how my work will stand up against the rest of the exhibits, but equally I have produced work I’m really proud of and I’m excited to see it hanging in a gallery alongside work that I know will be of a high quality. I guess this time I’m better prepared – not that I thought the standard before wasn’t going to be high, I just hadn’t appreciated HOW high it would be, and there’s nothing like that to inject a bit of fear about one’s own abilities!!!!

I’ve realised that if my art is going to work as a business I have to treat it as a business (see blog on this) and that means I MUST get myself out there, into the public domain and amongst other artists. It’s scary, it’s a real test of my inner confidence and resolve, and I’m nervous about how my work will be received BUT if I don’t get it out there I’ll never find the market who will love my work and help me build this into a viable business!

Next up is get my online shop set up here – this is my weekend project! What’s the point in having inventory if I’m not advertising it for sale? Who’s going to find it whilst it’s sitting in my studio?

Once the shop is live, next comes online promotion. And this is where the real bravery starts…. putting my work out into the realms of social media *gulp*! It has to be done… and there will be less-than-positive feedback from some members of society, that I anticipate as no piece of art will appeal to everybody. But for every bit of negative feedback, I’m getting closer to those who will love my art, will want it hanging on their wall and will help me reach my dream of an art career. This year is the year I commit to making art a serious part of my life, and my career. And the only way I can do that is to find my audience and help them find me!

© Natalie Day 2018

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